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Launched in Dec. 2016. Didn't see much success until partnering with an affiliate agency in January 2018. Since then we've seen growth and are on target reach $100k in sales / month. Previous AdWords partner with Logical Position. They never had a strategy and we didn't see many conversions or traffic generated from campaigns. We're in the bed in a box space which is very competitive. We are different because we offer 3 comfort options, soft, medium, and firm, whereas most companies offer 1—a medium. We are going after the cooling memory foam mattress category. We use a phase-change material for the cover, which we call a Diamond Breeze Cover. It's actually cool to the touch. It works with a top 2" layer of gel infused foam to create one of the coolest memory foam mattresses available (if not the coolest). Traditional foam sleeps hot, so it's a pain point for most people.

Are You Falling for These Common Sleep Myths?

Getting the best quality sleep is essential so you're not only productive and alert the next day, but also taking care of your overall health as well. For these reasons, it’s crucial that you aren’t falling for the common sleep myths that many believe to be true. Here are a few of the most common sleep myths with some tips to overcome them.


You Can Repay Sleep Debt on the Weekends

When you miss out on an hour a night or a couple of hours of sleep in one day, you might tell yourself, “I’ll sleep in on the weekend to make up for it.” Known as “sleep debt," although it might seem logical that getting 10 hours of sleep on Saturday can recharge you, in actuality, it's only putting a bandage over the problem instead of addressing it.

When you try to sleep in to repay your sleep debt, you’re ignoring the underlying problem of not getting enough sleep during the week. Avoid putting your quality sleep off until the weekend and make sure that you're going to bed early enough so you can get a full night's rest every night. If you don’t get the quality rest your body needs on a regular basis and your sleep debt keeps piling up, you’re putting yourself at risk of a number of health issues beyond fatigue.

Falling Asleep Anytime, Anywhere Is Normal

While falling asleep on the plane shortly after takeoff may help the flight go by faster, if it isn’t during normal resting hours it’s not exactly a sign of a healthy sleeper. Instead, it usually means that you aren't getting enough sleep while you're at home and your body is overdue to pay its sleep debt.

To fight against this, make sure that you're getting enough sleep. And if your sleeping environment or bed are preventing you from getting comfortable at night, it might be time to upgrade to a cool memory foam mattress.

Hitting Snooze Is Harmless

On some days when the alarm goes off, it can be a real challenge not to reach over and hit the snooze button. While only a few more minutes of sleep might seem harmless, you're actually better off jumping out of bed and starting the day without it.

When the alarm goes off, you're likely near the end of your sleep cycle (as long as you went to bed on time). But when you snooze, your brain starts another cycle. And once the snooze ends, your alarm interrupts this new cycle, leaving you feeling groggier than before. If you can’t seem to kick the snooze habit, try putting your alarm across your room, forcing you to get up and move rather than delay waking up.

You Need Less Sleep as You Age

While many seniors find they spend less time in bed than they did in their younger years, the assumption that they require less sleep isn’t entirely accurate. One of the reasons that this myth has become so common is because seniors typically spend less time in a deep sleep and are awakened much easier.

Even so, the same seven- to nine-hour sleep recommendation still applies. While some people may only need seven, others might need nine. Determining the correct amount of sleep you need comes down to how you feel and how your body functions during the day.

The Truth About Sleep

What sleep myths have you mistaken as the truth? When considering sleep and how you can get the best quality sleep, it often comes down to establishing a bedtime routine, getting to bed on time, and creating an optimal environment for rest. Part of that is ensuring that you have enough space to sleep comfortably in bed and that you’re not overheating or uncomfortable as you’re trying to rest. If you’re waking up with night sweats or find you can’t get comfortable, a cooling memory foam mattress king size might be what’s needed. It offers enough space for two people while capturing the cool side of the pillow feeling to help you rest comfortably as you drift off to sleep every night.

About Muse Sleep

Not everyone sleeps the same way, yet so many mattresses are made as one-size-sleeps-all solutions. Fortunately, Muse Sleep’s memory foam mattress king size is different as they engineered it to accommodate a variety of body and sleep positions. Muse Sleep’s memory foam mattresses are made with layers of premium foam, with each layer serving a distinct purpose to help you get a better night's rest. With their innovative Diamond Breeze Fabric, Muse Sleep's memory foam mattresses absorb and dissipate heat, making them cool to the touch. Their memory foam mattresses are available in six sizes and three firmness levels for optimal comfort.

Learn more about Muse Sleep’s premium cooling memory foam mattress at Musesleep.com


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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Mattress? Some Things to Consider

How do you know when it's time to get a new mattress? Have you ever considered that you might be due for an upgrade? You shouldn’t overlook the impact your mattress can have on your sleep as the quality of your sleep can directly affect your days.

Whether you’ve considered upgrading to a premium memory foam mattress or you think that it’s you—not your mattress—that’s affecting your sleep quality, here are some things to consider.


You’re Sleeping Hot

Most experts agree that for optimal sleep, your environment should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. While you can crank the AC or open a window, if your bed doesn’t optimally dissipate heat, your mattress can feel less like a sleep-inducing paradise and more like a heated block.

Sleeping hot can be the reason that it takes seemingly forever to fall asleep, and if you wake up with night sweats often, then it’s more than likely you’re due for a mattress upgrade. Fortunately, innovative mattress companies, Muse Sleep for example, have found a solution by offering a cool memory foam mattress that captures the cool-side-of-the-pillow feeling all while absorbing and dissipating ambient heat so you can sleep cooler throughout the night.

You Have Aches and Pains

You shouldn’t ever feel like sleeping on your bed did more harm than good for your body. Yet so many people live with aches and pains from their mattress and accept that that’s just how it is. Your bed should provide the support your body needs while also having a soft top layer that sleeps comfortably. If the words “saggy” or “lumpy” describe your mattress, then it’s time to try something new.

You Sleep Better Away From Home

Hotel beds are known for being some of the most comfortable, as hotels take great care in selecting the best mattresses for their guests. Even so, if you find that when you're traveling you have zero issues falling asleep, yet you can't seem to get your beauty rest on your personal mattress, then it's time to upgrade. With the right memory foam mattress, you can get the luxury hotel sleeping experience every night from the comfort of your own bedroom. How would your daily life change if you were getting quality sleep every night?

Your Needs Have Changed

Depending on your body and sleep position, you might have different needs for your mattress, and what slept comfortably years ago might not feel as great on your back today. For instance, many sleepers find that as they age they need a different firmness level to fight against chronic back pain every eight years or so. This figure largely depends on whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, so use a sleep personality quiz to determine the right firmness level for you. Once you have the answer, seek out a memory foam mattress in soft, medium, or firm comfort levels so you have the support your body needs.

You Want to Try Something New

Beyond basic sleeping needs, you might just want to give a new, advanced memory foam mattress king size a try. And there’s nothing wrong with upgrading a mattress simply because you’re curious to see what it's like. Over the last few years, memory foam mattresses have become more advanced and offer a sleeping and comfort experience that a traditional innerspring just can’t match. The best part is that companies like Muse Sleep offer a 120-night risk-free trial so you can try it for yourself before making your final decision.

About Muse Sleep

Muse Sleep specializes in producing premium memory foam mattresses that help you sleep cooler and more comfortably every night. The cool memory foam mattress from Muse Sleep features their innovative Diamond Breeze Fabric, which absorbs and dissipates ambient heat so you can sleep cooler, helping you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly throughout the night. Muse Sleep offers their memory foam mattresses in six sizes from California king to twin and in three firmness levels so you can find the one that’s perfect for your needs. They also offer a 120-night risk-trial and free shipping and returns so you can test out the memory foam mattress before committing.

Shop Muse Sleep’s entire range of memory foam mattresses at Musesleep.com


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The Importance of Choosing the Right Mattress Firmness Level

Finding the right cool memory foam mattress can come down to a few different factors. First, you have to consider the materials used in the bed. Then, you have to choose the right size that will fit either you or you and your partner. And perhaps one of the most crucial attributes of any memory foam mattress is the firmness level.


The firmness of your bed can determine how well you sleep at night, so you shouldn't gloss over the options before committing to your new memory foam mattress. Here are a couple of reasons why firmness matters and how to choose the right firmness level for you.

Pressure Points

The firmness of a mattress and how you sleep on it will determine how well it supports and relieves your pressure points. Which pressure points carry the most weight will depend on your sleeping position. For example, side sleepers will often carry most of their sleeping weight on their shoulders and hips. If you buy too firm or too soft of a mattress for your sleeping position, you might wake up with sharp aches around your pressure points, which can be damaging in the long run and negatively impact your quality of sleep.

Spinal Alignment

When you lie down to sleep at night, your back and spine aren't perfectly straight. Instead, as your muscles relax while asleep, your spine has a slight natural curve. During the day your muscles automatically control this curve and relieve pressure, but if you're sleeping on the wrong mattress, you could wake up with aches and pains because your spine wasn't supported adequately. For this reason, it's important that you sleep on a memory foam mattress king size that suits you and your partner’s sleeping style.

How Firmness Is Measured

Unfortunately, a lot of memory foam mattress companies seem to think that mattresses are “one size fits all” when it comes to firmness levels. The best mattress companies know this isn’t the case, and often measure their firmness levels using different terms or number scales. Muse Sleep, for example, uses a 1-10 scale with their memory foam mattresses ranging from 5 to 8. Their Cal king to twin size beds are available in soft, medium, and firm comfort levels.

When buying a bed online, make sure that the company you purchase from gives specific information about their firmness levels so you can better understand how their "soft firmness" relates to your definition. This is imperative to ensure sure you’re making an informed purchase.

Which Is Right for You?

Now that you know the importance of choosing the right firmness, how do you find the one that suits you best? Based on sleeping position alone, here are some things to consider:

· Side sleepers typically prefer softer mattresses because they conform to the pressure points in the shoulders and hips.

· Back sleepers typically find comfort on any mattress firmness because the pressure is spread out across their body as they sleep, so it comes down to personal preference. If you are unsure which is right for you, the safest choice is to find a medium firmness memory foam mattress king size.

· Stomach sleepers usually enjoy sleeping on a medium-to-firm mattress because they experience greater pressure in their hips and pelvis than any other sleeping position does. A firmer mattress can prevent their pelvis and hips from sinking into the bed so much that they are lower than their shoulders, which can lead to an abnormal spinal curve.

With all of this in mind, there isn’t one right firmness level for a specific sleeping position—it all comes down to your personal preference. When shopping for a memory foam mattress online, make sure to purchase from a company that offers a trial period so if you aren’t happy with the firmness, you can try another risk-free.

About Muse Sleep

Since late 2016, Muse Sleep has produced a variety of sleep solutions including their highly-rated memory foam mattresses that offer comfort and support for all types of sleepers. Their memory foam mattresses are made with premium materials and innovative cooling features like the Diamond Breeze Fabric that absorbs and dissipates heat. Muse Sleep offers memory foam mattresses in six sizes from Cal king to twin in soft, medium, and firm comfort levels. They also offer a 120-night risk-trial period so you can sleep on it before making your final decision.

Find the perfect memory foam mattress for you at Musesleep.com


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Sleep Tips for Your Senses

Getting a better night's sleep starts by not only upgrading your bed to a memory foam mattress king size but also creating a sleep-conducive environment, so you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the entire night. Your senses play a crucial role in the quality of your sleep, and if you aren't giving them what they need, your sleep quality could suffer.


Here are ways that your senses impact your quality of sleep, along with tips to help you use them for a better night’s rest.


Bright lights and any light with a blue tint can negatively impact your sleep. While fluorescent lights can seem like the worst sources of light, even the blue-tinted light from your smartphone and TV or computer screens can disrupt your body's natural circadian rhythm. The ideal way to prevent this is to avoid screens altogether before bed. When that isn't possible, switch your phone's brightness to night mode to help curb the effect. And if you want to fight against the adverse effects of blue light throughout the day—particularly in the evenings—pick up a pair of blue-light blocking glasses to reduce the impact it has on your sleep patterns.


The drinks that you choose before bedtime can negatively impact your quality of sleep. Most importantly, you want to avoid any caffeinated beverages before you check in for the night. After all, caffeinated drinks are best enjoyed when you wake up so you can be alert for the morning. Surprisingly, even an afternoon cup of coffee can affect your sleep as your body needs up to five hours to process and rid itself of caffeine. Keep your quality of sleep in mind during the afternoon and evening so you can take steps to get a great night’s rest.


Physical touch and feel plays a crucial role in the quality of your sleep. More times than not, sleeping in an overly warm environment can make you overheat during the night and jolt you awake or even cause dreaded night sweats. Fortunately, a cool memory foam mattress with a cool-to-the-touch cover can absorb and dissipate heat to keep you cooler as you sleep, so you stay asleep without any temperature-related disruptions.


Our sense of smell is often thought of as the most powerful of all five senses. While certain smells like fresh-baked cookies can get our attention, others can help us calm down and relax. Scents like lavender, vanilla, and jasmine are great for reducing anxiety and relaxing the body; qualities that are key for a more blissful sleep.

Placing these scents in your bedroom can make it a more sleep-inducing environment. There are a variety of ways to disperse these scents. From fresh flowers to essential oil diffusers, find a method that works best for you to enjoy a more relaxing sleep.


While the loud sound of an alarm is perfect for jolting you awake in the morning, not all sounds are counterproductive for sleep. In fact, sounds like white noise, waterfalls, ocean waves, and even instrumental music can be helpful for soothing the mind and allowing you to relax as you gently drift to sleep. Keep in mind that not everyone responds to listening to sounds as they sleep. It’s worth a try for a few nights, but if it doesn’t work for you, there’s nothing wrong with sleeping in silence.

About Muse Sleep

Muse Sleep is dedicated to creating high-quality sleeping products that are designed for every body and sleep position. They believe mattresses aren’t one size fits all and offer three comfort options—soft, medium, and firm—to ensure their customers get the support they need. They also offer their beds in a variety of sizes including the memory foam mattress king size and cozier variants like the twin XL. All of their beds come with a 120-night risk-free trial so you can sleep on it before committing, and a 10-year limited warranty.

View Muse Sleep’s entire line of memory foam mattresses at Musesleep.com


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How to Get Better Sleep While Traveling

Whether traveling for work or leisure, often or just every once in a while, sleep and new locations seems to be a bad combination for many people. Many factors can impact your body's circadian rhythm, and when you travel to a different time zone, getting a good night’s sleep can be a struggle.


Luckily, jet lag isn't a new phenomenon, so scientists and ordinary people alike have devised several tips and tricks to help overcome it. Even though you might not have as great of a sleep as at home on your cool memory foam mattress, here are a few tips you can try.

Be Strategic

To ensure a better night's sleep, plan ahead so your body has time to adjust to the time zone of your destination. Three days before your flight leaves, you should adjust your bedtime to suit the time zone of your destination better. If you're going to a place where you'll lose time, go to bed an hour earlier and go to bed later if you'll be gaining time. It can take a day or longer for your body to naturally adjust to each time zone you skip. So, for every time zone that you’ll be traveling over, adjust your sleep schedule by an hour every night before the trip.

Find an Accommodating Hotel

When most people are booking a hotel, they might look for free breakfast, premium cable television, or an Olympic-size pool. For business travel in particular, you should look into the sleep amenities of the hotel. Some hotels will offer things like blackout curtains, eye covers, a selection of pillows, and even a memory foam mattress king size.

Go Towards the Light

A core component of a good night's sleep is exposing yourself to light. It's how the body knows when to start shutting down and when to wake up naturally. When in a new destination, you should try and get as much light as possible during the late morning and early afternoon hours. Even if it feels like it's still 8 p.m. based on your home time zone, this extra light should help re calibrate your internal clock and help keep you awake until bedtime. Just be mindful to avoid blue light from electronics late at night, as these can keep you awake and cause troubles sleeping.

Adapt to Your Environment

When you get to your destination, try and sync up with the local time and sleep habits. If you arrive at 9 in the morning yet it's 3a.m. home time, do your best to stay awake for the rest of the day to better sync up. You can try taking a shower or changing your clothes if you're struggling to stay awake, and 20-minute power naps also prove helpful for some travelers. Consider sleeping on the plane to your destination so you’re more awake when you land and can hit the ground running.

If Only There for Two Days or Less, Stick to Your Schedule

In relation to the previous tip, if you’re only going to be at your destination for 48 hours or less, such as for a quick business trip, you should stick to your normal waking and sleeping schedule, if possible. It typically takes around two days to adjust to a different time zone, so by the time you would have adapted to the time zone, it would already be time to head home. Try and schedule meetings and other obligations during your peak waking hours to ensure productivity and alertness.

About Muse Sleep

Muse Sleep offers a variety of sleep solutions like their cool memory foam mattress and pillows. Founded in late 2016, the company strives to create products that provide a better sleep for any body and sleep position. Their innovative Diamond Breeze Fabric provides cooling support all-night long. Muse Sleep offers mattresses in a variety of sizes and firmness levels and their 120-night trial period lets you sleep on it before committing to the mattress.

To get a better sleep, visit Musesleep.com


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Get a Better Night's Sleep with These Tips

Some people can sleep like a rock every night without problems, while others spend most nights in search of a better night’s sleep. In fact, sleep-related issues are much more common than you might think. According to the America Sleep Association, approximately 50-70 million adults in the U.S. have a sleep disorder.

Whether you toss and turn some nights or most, fortunately there are some tips you can follow and changes you can make to achieve a better night’s sleep. Here are a few to consider and incorporate into your nighttime habits.


Make Sure You Have the Right Size Mattress

First thing’s first, let’s address the place where you’ll spend one-third of your life: Your bed. While some people are fine sleeping with their feet hanging off the end of their mattress or cramped quarters,the size of your bed can actually have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep.

Make sure that you have plenty of room to move around so you can toss and turn throughout the night and properly fit on your mattress. And if you sleep with a partner, consider upgrading to a memory foam mattress king size, so both of you have plenty of space.

Avoid Bright Blue Lights before Bed

In the digital age, it can be hard to avoid screens and other lights before bed. But the thing is, these harsh blue-tinted lights aren’t doing any favors for your eyes or your brain late at night. According to Harvard Health Publishing, blue lights can disrupt your brain’s natural melatonin production and throw off your internal clock, making it harder to wind down after a long day.

So before going to bed, try limiting your screen exposure and relax with a good book instead of browsing social media or checking emails on your phone. You can also check to see if your phone has a nighttime mode to shift the color from blue to a more eye-appealing yellow or amber tone.

Try Memory Foam for Enhanced Comfort and Support

Have you been sleeping on the same innerspring mattress for years? If so, it could be the cause of your sleep problems. The innerspring bed has been the standard for decades, but with recent advancements in mattress technology, new and better options are available.


Most notably, a memory foam mattress king size combines high-performance materials with enough space and room for both you and your partner to get a better night’s sleep. The best memory foam mattresses will be available in multiple firmness levels, so you get the support you need to maintain optimal spine alignment. Whether you prefer sleeping on a bed of feathers or one that is as hard as a rock, a high-quality memory foam mattress with proper firmness will help eliminate pain from pressure points in your body so you can achieve a better night’s sleep. The best memory foam mattress will also support your body and sleep position by contouring to your unique body shape.

Stay Cool All Night Long

It doesn’t matter if it is the middle of the summer or if the heater is on full blast in your home, overheating at night can cause discomfort and lead to worse sleep. A cool memory foam mattress with gel foam technology can help better regulate your body heat to ensure that you and your partner enjoy the “cool side of the pillow” experience all night long. Also, seek out a memory foam mattress with a removable cooling cover that utilizes phase-change technology to help absorb and dissipate heat to provide a cool-to-the-touch experience.

About Muse Sleep

Founded in late 2016, Muse Sleep’s mission is to help everyone,with every body and sleep position, achieve a better sleep. They provide memory foam mattresses in six sizes and three firmness levels that utilize cooling technology and Diamond Breeze Fabric to ensure a comfortable, supportive night’s rest.

Find the perfect mattress for you at Musesleep.com


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The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep: It’s Not Just for Beauty

That old adage declaring sleep as the fountain of youth is actually true.

Experts say that getting between 8 and 9 hours of sleep can result in a host of beauty benefits. Some of those benefits include increasing collagen production, which combats fine lines and wrinkles, and boosting blood flow, which can brighten your complexion, deliver nutrients and vitamins to hair follicles, and reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.



There are many additional benefits associated with a good night’s sleep that extend far beyond our outward appearance. Researchers at the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School explain that sleep also plays a critical role in learning and memory formation.

Although the links are not wholly understood, researchers explain that the process of learning and creating long-term memories require distinct steps. These include:

· Acquisition, which is the process of introducing new information to the brain.

· Consolidation, which is theprocess by which a memory becomes stable.

· Recall, which includes our ability to tap into and retrieve the information.

Research suggests a quality night’s sleep is critical for the second process, consolidation, to fully take place. When we sleep, a complex interaction of neural connections and brainwaves take place that is integral for converting new information into a distinct, retrievable memory.

While sleep isn’t the only factor contributing to memory formation, without it, our ability to form and retain information is significantly reduced. So,while being sleep deprived, or even short on sleep, could be accelerating fine lines and a dull complexion, poor sleep may also impede our ability to learn and form memories.

This is all particularly unfortunate, as—if you’re like most Americans—you probably are not getting the recommended 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to kick-start a healthier sleep cycle.

First: Invest in a quality mattress. Your mattress should adhere to your body and sleep position as well as your desired firmness level, whether it be soft, medium, or firm. Brands like Muse Sleep offer high-quality memory foam mattresses in a range of firmness levels and sizes, including memory foam mattress king size all the way down to twin, providing a range of mattress options that will help you sleep better at night and awake feeling rested.

Another easy step you can take is to control the temperature in your room. Experts suggest keeping your room between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, though your optimal temperature will depend on other factors such as age, weight, and gender. Turning on a ceiling or floor fan can help regulate your temperature, but your mattress also plays a significant role in how cool you feel at night.

Older foam mattresses tend to absorb heat and trap it around you. Instead, look for a memory foam mattress with cooling technology and gel-infused foam that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The best memory foam mattresses will also pull heat away from you instead of trapping it around you. Search for a cool memory foam mattress that is free from chemicals and dyes and wicks away moisture. Staying cool throughout the night will help you fall asleep and, most importantly, stay asleep.

About Muse Sleep

Muse Sleep caters to every body and sleep position by offering three different firmness levels for your optimal sleep. Muse Sleep offers the best cool memory foam mattress with a gel-infused top layer to keep you cool all night. They also feature CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam and temperature-regulating Diamond Breeze Fabric, and come in a variety of sizes from California king to twin XL. Launched in late 2016, Muse Sleep will deliver their high-quality memory foam mattresses directly to you with free shipping, a 10-year limited warranty, and a 120-night risk-free trial.

Find your memory foam mattress today at Musesleep.com


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Muse Sleep Offers Cool Memory Foam Mattresses for a Better Sleep


Muse Sleep offers the best cool memory foam mattress for a better, more comfortable night’s sleep. You can choose from three comfort options, including soft, medium, and firm. It has an 8-inch base layer for a durable foundation that supports all sleep positions and body types, all with excellent edge support.

Shop now at https://musesleep.com/shop/mattress

How to Choose a Mattress That Will Keep You Cool at Night

There are so many factors that can impact the quality of your sleep. The comfort of your mattress, the level of ambient light, the temperature in your room, and a partner’s intermittent snores can all keep you from getting a restful night’s sleep.

Of the myriad factors, researchers have found that the temperature of your bedroom could be one of the most consequential. The National Sleep Foundation found that 69% of a survey of 1,500 participants listed the temperature of their bedroom as having a big impact on their ability to get a good night’s sleep.


There are many steps you can take to control the temperature and environment in your bedroom. Lowering the thermostat in your room is an easy first step. Experts suggest keeping your room between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, though that will depend on other factors such as age, weight, and gender.

Turning on a ceiling or floor fan will also help regulate your nightly temperature and drawing the blinds during the day will help keep the room at a more consistent temperature.

Your mattress also plays a significant role in how cool you feel each night. Some mattresses, particularly older foam mattresses, are known to absorb heat, keeping you tossing and turning until you find that optimal temperature.

Whether you’re sleeping on a memory foam mattress king size or a queen bed with a box spring, follow these tips to find a mattress that will keep you comfortable and cool all night long.

Look for a Gel-Infused Memory Foam or Plant-Based Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses tend to get a bad reputation when it comes to keeping you cool at night, especially compared to spring mattresses and other non-foam options. Older foam mattresses made with a thick, dense material tend to be the worst offenders. However, with the advent of gel-infused and plant-based foam, the newer generation of memory foam mattresses have all but alleviated the airflow issue.

A cool memory foam mattress made with advanced gel technology will help keep you cooler at night, avoiding the pitfalls of a dense foam that insulates and retains your body heat. Look for a high-quality brand that’s producing foam mattresses without chemicals or dyes, ensuring the mattress you sleep on is natural and comfortable.

Don’t Forget About the Outside of Your Mattress

The outside of your mattress is just as important as the inside. Look for a mattress with a removable and washable cover that is made with a cooling, phase-change material that deflects moisture. This will help manage body heat and moisture, keeping you feeling cool and dry so you wake up refreshed. The ability to easily remove and wash the cover is also important. Consistent maintenance will extend the life of your mattress and keep it fresh.

Softer Isn’t Always Better

While a soft, cushy mattress might feel nice at first, it can also have an impact on how cool you sleep at night. A super plush mattress allows you to sink down, restricting airflow and trapping heat. A firmer memory foam mattress will keep you elevated and above the mattress surface, allowing for more airflow and cooler ambient temperature.

You can still get the benefits of a soft mattress without sacrificing your sleeping temperature. Muse Sleep has created memory foam mattress technology that comes in three different comfort options to conform to your body and sleep position. Each degree of firmness includes cooling, gel-infused foam technology to ensure a cool night’s sleep.

About Muse Sleep

Launched in late 2016, Muse Sleep has changed the way we think about box foam mattresses. With three comfort options, CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam, Diamond Breeze Fabric, and a gel-infused top layer, Muse Sleep brings you the quality of traditional high-end memory foam mattresses with the convenience of at-home box delivery. With memory foam mattress king size options all the way down to traditional twin sizes, Muse Sleep caters to every body, size, and sleep position.

Find your dream mattress today at Musesleep.com

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